CARLTEK Circular Knitting Machine,
@Parts & Accessories for CKM.@
I. CARLTEK Circular Knitting Machine:
Double Jersey:@ Interlock. Rib
Single Jersey : @ 2 Track, 4 Track, Terry, Pile Fabric, Fleecy.
II. CARLTEK Parts & Accessories for CKM:
Cloth Winding, Cutting & Rolling Series: Cloth Winder, Cloth Spreader.
Cylinder Series: Meeting all marks & makes of S/J and D/J CKM.
Feeding Series: Positive Feeders, Lycra Yarn Feeders.
Cams Series: Various cams to meet any brand & model of CKM.
Yarn Carriers Series: Various Yarn Carriers available, pls send sample for a quote.
Creels Series: Various Side Creels and Creel Tube Stands for selection.
Tension Device: Many selections to meet your actually requirements.
Aluminum Pulleys: Different sizes to meet all your needs.
Tape Tensioners: Both Single and Double layers width various sizes are available.
Tapes: Punched type, Timing type both are available.
III. CARLTEK Also Specialized In Offering:
Complete Set CKD Parts Of Circular Knitting Machines.
Whole Plant Equipment For Pile Fabric Finishing Machines.
Turn Key Projects For Making:
@@3.Cloth Winders.
@@4.Positive Feeders.
@@5.Lycra Yarn Feeders.
CARLTEK Adhesive Label Making Plant
@(Turn-Key, Industrial Plant and Machinery).
I. CARLTEK Optional Accessories/Equipments for LPM:
CARLTEK CY-R14@@@@@@@ Rewinder. @@@@@@@@@
CARLTEK CY-C300 @ @@@@@ Sheeter.
CARLTEK CY-UV301L@@@ @ @UV-Dryer for Label Printing.
CARLTEK CY-SL300T@ @@@ @Newly Lauched Label Web Slitter.
CARLTEK PU Printing Rollers@@All makes of LPM.
CARLTEK CY-PA3,4 @@@@ @@Photopolymer Plate Making Processor.@@
CARLTEK CY-15BS, CY-15BTC @Flat-Bed Die-Cutting Mold Making Set.
II. Hundreds of Quality Used Auto LPMs of All Makes:
@ @Hikari, Iwasaki, Kopack, Lintec, Onda, Sanki, Sanjo, Shiki, Taiyo
@ @Labelmen, Orthotec
To meet all your needs for today and tomorrow !